The British Chef

One customer that we have worked with in the past was from the United Kingdom, and he wanted to open a restaurant in the state. Now, British food is horrible, but luckily the only thing British about the restaurant was the owner.

The owner was also the chef of the restaurant, and he was a very good chef for specific foods. He trained in both Italy and France and had learnt how to cook foods from around the world including Asian, Persian and even South American.

We usually don’t do this, but as he was a chef, we of course asked for him to cook some of us a meal so that we could understand a bit better what the product he is selling was. It is not unusual to ask for a prototype, but it is rare you ask a business owner of a service to provide the service for you. We just couldn’t turn down a good free meal.

Turns out, the chef was spectacular. He served us some of the best dishes that we have ever had, and since then we have gone to his restaurant to eat several times. There was an issue with his application that made it risky for us to lend to him, however.

While he wanted an ordinary business loan, we needed to provide him with business loans for bad credit instead. This caused some confusion in the office, and the customer was initially hesitant to accept the offer. They usually offer interest rates that are worse, and so the total amount repayable is more expensive.

However, it was the only option the customer had left despite which bank he went to. We decided to elongate the length of the loan rather than dismiss him completely. It took some convincing, but eventually it had worked out for everyone.

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